Growing Up and Growing Old

The featured image is of my mother, Minnie Irene Oswalt-Cox standing at the kitchen door of the farmhouse where I lived for the first 15 years of my life.  The photograph was taken after I was born in 1941 and before my mother’s death in January 1946.

I have now lived for 72 years, and I have enjoyed my life to the fullest.

The long and dusty road I have traveled from the West Texas dry-land cotton farm, without indoor plumbing or electricity, where I was born to the modern space-age urban society in which I now live has been both challenging and interesting.

I have witnessed many changes along the way, some for the worse and most for the better.  While, I would not want to repeat any part of the journey, I continue to be excited about what’s waiting over the next hill.

Please click below to share a few images from the trip set to Bob Dyland’s The Times They Are A-Changing.

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