Mindkind: A Philosophy of Peace

May 1, 2011

All of us have this in common: We share this fragile nest we call Earth; we gaze out with wonder at the universe around us; and we are not alone. We are a part of Universal Mindkind which has existed for all of eternity.

We have been watched over for millions of years, as we slowly pecked through our shell, and we will be lovingly looked after until we learn to fly from our nest.

As there is but peace throughout the universe, we will be grounded here until such time as we, ourselves, overcome and cure the viruses of hatred, deception and violence which infect us, individually and collectively.

We are not quarantined. It is just that we will never acquire sufficient knowledge, wisdom and power to travel to any significant place in the universe, into adjacent dimensions, or forward and backward in time, until every child on Earth, irrespective of race, religion, culture or social condition, has equal access to nutrition, health care and education.

If we fail to grow up and we are stillborn in our own waste, millions of years may again pass, as the ruins of our self destruction are scoured by the winds and rains of time, until another sentient being looks up, notes the phases of the moon, marks the solstices of the sun, sights the planets moving among the stars, and learns to fly.

For surely, the rare blue water planets of warm yellow stars circling near the edges of spiral galaxies are too precious to be wasted. These are the nests where the eggs of creation are found, where all that is beautiful is born, where we nervously stand with our fledgling wings spread wide, and where the Children of Mindkind are brought forth.

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