Mindkind: Math & Physics for the New Millennium

Reminiscent of Victorian Age scientific philosophy, Mindkind interweaves alternative theories of physics, mathematics and geometry with the nature, origin and destiny of humanity in the universe.

The soul of Mindkind is dedicated to the proposition that humans are stranded here on Earth until such time as we, or our descendants, achieve the ability to live in peace and become strong enough to break out of the eggshell of ignorance that surrounds us.

Mindkind provides some simple tools to shape and measure our universe, and it supplies a vision of a bright and peaceful future. It opens philosophical, mental and physical gateways allowing us to fly into the universe and throughout time and its related dimensions.

A Kindle edition of Mindkindis available on Amazon for $1.99


Mindkind is available in all electronic formats, including Kindle and PDF, at Smashwords for $1.99: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/173043


“A mesmerizing glimpse into humankind’s future in a Cosmos of boundless freedom and discovery.” Stan Gibilisco, Understanding Einstein’s Theories of Relativity.

“Most wonderful and original writing!” Paramahamsa Tewari, Universal Principles of Space and Matter & Discovering Universal Reality: The Structural Relationship between Space and Matter.

“MINDKIND introduces us to the interconnectiveness of math and physics. Written in a very approachable style and dealing with important ideas, events and people of these fields, it is an ideal way for both a novice and an enthusiast to delve into these two worlds of science.” Theoni Pappas, The Joy of Mathematics

William John Cox has had a multifaceted career, moving from his farm roots to become an attorney working as a prosecutor and handling landmark national and local defense cases; but through it all he never lost his passion for math and physics – and Mindkind: Math & Physics for the New Millennium represents this passion at its best, discussing his vision of ‘Mindkind’, a multiverse of beings who communicate via telepathy and who live on different planets.

It may sound like science fiction, but introductory chapters cover the basic physics and science of Newton, Galileo and Einstein, linking scientific advancements to concepts of the collective unconscious at a level which projects mankind’s eventual need for a larger ‘Mind Field’ for storing and utilizing information.

Math formulas blend with physics to discuss the likely nature of this paradigm for future generations with introductory chapters examining how building blocks of science associate with social change – all leading to the ultimate question: “Has the “collective consciousness” of humanity arrived at a plane where our common mind becomes capable of logically understanding the external forces which act upon our perceived universe in the absence of experimental evidence of their existence?”

The conclusion is that our generation (as well as those of the past) have already built the foundations of a ‘Mindkind’ on this world; and that future generations will be the ones to explore space and adjacent dimensions using the ‘Mindkind’ constructs already laid in place.

The evolution of computer logic, the base 10 calculation system, further logical extensions of numerical bases, and the evolution of a Millennial System of math that better describes the universe and mankind’s place in it makes for engrossing reading filled with formulas, geometric designs, and reflections linking math and science to intellectual evolutionary changes that will enable future generations to move through time and space, establishing their own ‘Mindkind’ colonies.

Science fiction or science? You decide: the blend of math, science and social concepts here is engrossing.

D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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