Sam: A Political Philosophy

Not since Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged has a political philosophy been so strongly presented by fictional characters. Sam—a far more optimistic view of the human condition—illuminates an enlightened path to the stars and beyond.
Sam, a homeless veteran, bites off and swallows a finger every day to dramatically demonstrate his abhorrence of war and the idiots who glorify it.
His ordeal goes viral as it is covered by a political columnist, who reports the mutilations and what Sam has to say each day about war, government, and corrupt officials.
Aided by Aileana, a retired Navy nurse who cares for Sam, they write a social and political philosophy covering a wide range of issues, about which Sam offers a depth of wisdom from “outside the box.”
The writing collaboration becomes a love story, as Sam and Aileana marry and strive together to make the world a better place for their daughter and all those who share it.

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