The Book of Mindkind: A Philosophy for the New Millennium

Coining the term, The Book of Mindkind is a philosophy of hope in a time of despair, a wakeup call in a time of danger, and an engaging quick read for the curious-minded.</p>
The theory of Mindkind is an entirely original philosophy, likely the first to be conceived in the past century, certainly the first of the new millennium.
People are looking for new ways to think about the human society rapidly evolving around them, and they are searching for answers and solutions to the age-old questions of existence. The world may not be spinning out of control, but it can no longer be held together by the beliefs of the past.
Now, more so than ever, with political extremism—driven by corporationalism and religious fundamentalism—shutting down democratic processes and suppressing rationalism, there is a critical need for social, spiritual, and political alternatives.
The Book of Mindkind is not a new-age philosophy—rather it presents a logical foundation for a practical worldwide solution for the social, economic, and environmental crises facing human existence.
The book brings together the scientific elements of time, Earth, and humanity in exploring the evolution of the brain and the mind it produces, and it examines religion and culture in developing the thesis that humans are members of a Universal Mindkind.
Essentially, the philosophy theorizes that humans, as the Children of Mindkind, are on the verge of flying from their earthly nest, as soon as the diseases of deception, hatred, and violence are cured and every child is provided with equal access to nutrition, health care, and education.
Collectively, these concepts are brought to focus on the future of human existence. Mindkind projects a vision of a bright unlimited and creative future, but necessarily considers a darker and more destructive alternative in which humanity continues to organize as warrior societies. It concludes with thoughts about the physical nature of the soul and the aura of mind.
Mindkind has an appeal to thinking people of every culture and every language, who are seeking purpose in their lives. It especially speaks to young people, who are questioning ancient religions and current governments, and to women, who are weary of the discrimination they suffer in male-dominated societies.
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