The Holocaust Case: Defeat of Denial

The Holocaust Case, which ruled the gassing of Jews by Hitler was “simply a fact” and “not reasonably subject to dispute,” was featured in the movie, Never Forget, but the real story has never been told.
Now, for the first time, the true facts are revealed by William John Cox, the public-interest lawyer who represented a Nazi death camp survivor and sued the radical organizations that denied the Holocaust. In retaliation, Cox was sued for defamation by the reclusive leader of a shadowy consortium that earned millions peddling historical lies and bizarre theories of racial superiority. His recollection of these matters is supplemented by official court records.
In a poignant personal memoir, the author begins his story as Billy Jack, an orphaned West Texas farm boy, who ran away in a stolen car and was made a ward of the court. Cox attended military school, joined the Navy, became a police officer, and went to law school. The winding path of his life took him to some interesting places, as he wrote the role of the police in America for the Nixon administration; filed a class action lawsuit in the Supreme Court on behalf of all citizens, alleging the U.S. government no longer represented the People who elected it; and published the suppressed Dead Sea Scrolls on behalf of a secret client.
Along the way, Cox met another orphan—one who could never forget the extermination of his entire family by the Nazis. The survivor had been taunted by the deniers to prove the truth of the Holocaust. Together, the two accepted the challenge and made history.
Cox discusses his unconventional practice of law, in which he undertook these landmark cases without charging a fee, and tells why he did it. He derives lessons from the Holocaust and explains how the insights relate to current social and political conditions.
Born into a pioneer family that includes patriots who set aside their Quaker beliefs to fight for freedom in the Revolutionary War, William John Cox has fulfilled the legacy of his ancestry as a peaceful warrior for justice.

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