Time Travel to Ancient Math & Physics

In Time Travel, we go back in time to take an insightful look at ancient civilizations and the science and mathematics they used.

The reader is transported all the way back to the creation of the universe and then bounced forward through a number of leaps to the death of the earth. During the voyage, we discover that our most ancient civilizations were seafaring and that they made use of a very sophisticated level of science, mathematics and technology.

We find that the ancients seem to have shared in a collective consciousness which was totally unified in the worship of Mother Goddess.

Most importantly, we learn that, in the earliest human civilizations, we lived in peace and productivity. With the discovery of war, we lost our knowledge and our way.

Just as the tools of Millennial Math & Physics opens a pathway into the future, knowledge of our past allows us to better understand ourselves and the viruses of deception, hatred and violence that block the future, unless cures are found.

It is with this combined knowledge and wisdom that the Children of Mindkind will discover their way forward into the universe, adjacent dimensions and backwards and forward in time, seeking always warm water planets to serve as nurseries for creation.

A Kindle edition of Time Travel is available on Amazon for $1.99


Time Travel is available in all electronic formats, including Kindle and PDF, at Smashwords for $1.99:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/177130

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