I made a series of Super 8 movies during the 70s—which were set to music. One of these, The Rehabilitation of Daphne Dangerfield, is running here and can be viewed in the Adventures chapter. The others can be found below in the Video Archive. The USVRA has been running Social Media Ads since September, with a good reach. The featured video is currently running as an ad on Facebook, as well as one for mindkind.info.

It's been fun, but time is short, it's time to start talking and keep walking---touching hands and waving across these States United of America. Organized by Young People, Run by the Women, and supported by Workers and Small Business Owners, together --- Declaring once and for all and always, Our Personal Rights of Liberty. We must withhold Our Consent to be governed by a corrupt, ineffective, unrepresentative, and threatening government, until such time as we cast our ballots for the Voters Rights Amendment, giving us our Right to Equal and Effective Votes. That's All.