• I have now lived for more than 82 years, and I have enjoyed my life to the fullest. This is my story.
  • It's been a long and dusty road from the plow horses and dry-land cotton farm in the Texas Panhandle where the boy named Billy Jack was born in 1941. Living now as William John in Southern California and communicating with a world-wide, computerized society, my life has been challenging, interesting, and rewarding.
  • My adventures have taken me around the world, and in my travels, I have always found that People are basically good. It's a universal human trait. All parents of every race and nationality want to enjoy the fruits of their labor and to make a better life for their children.
  • Though I would not choose to walk again any part of my journey, I found most to be good, and the best was always possible. My adventures have carried risks, as I've had to confront the bad in the search for the good. Right now, I'm mostly worried about the mess we're leaving for our children to clean up.
  • There's great danger ahead, but I have an even greater faith in the shared wisdom of the American People to calmly exercise our personal Rights of Liberty, as we peacefully confront whatever awaits us just over the next hill, or beyond the horizon.
  • I shall always believe in Us, and I trust that We can work things out together. Equal in the freedoms We claim and the Rights of Liberty We proclaim, We are the People.
  • *This website is designed as a digital book, to be read chapter by chapter, from top to bottom. ~wjc

This is not a Reality Show. This is Reality!

  • Americans are living under a cruel and corrupt government in a declining economy and deteriorating environment, under a U.S. government that denies and hides these problems.
  • The government no longer represents the American People—it is trampling on our freedoms, and it is endangering our security.
  • Irrespective of which political party is in office, the government is controlled by powerful corporations, special interests, and the wealthy elite. It does not matter who, or which party, one votes for—the result will be the same.
  • There is no federal constitutional right to vote, as elections have been largely left up to the States to conduct, with corporate sponsorship.
This is not a Reality Show. This is Reality! - VIDEO NARRATION (1:09)

The American Dream

and the Voter's Bill of Rights

  • Even though they are burdened by $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, the current generation of young Americans access the greatest store of knowledge ever accumulated by humanity, and they quickly share what they learn with each other—in every language—worldwide.
  • Young people have the commitment and organizational skills to lead a massive, nonpartisan, netroots movement to mobilize the American People and to transform our government.
  • American women are achieving their political destiny with this generation and are now realizing their full potential. They have the collaborative ability to maintain peace within the movement, and to achieve a government that cares for those who elect it.
  • Written in the basic language of the founding documents, the Voter's Bill of Rights honors all voters by providing a constitutional right to vote, it ensures equal rights to women, and it makes all votes count equally. The Voter's Bill of Rights demands truth from the government, educates voters and future leaders, allows the People to make policy, and forces our representatives to keep their promises.
The American Dream and The Voters' Bill of Rights - VIDEO NARRATION (2:02)

The Rights of Liberty and Consent to be Governed

  • The People of the US of A always retain our personal and individual Rights of Liberty, which include reserving our consent to be governed by a corrupt government. Under our Constitution, the collective, residual, and undelegated power of the People remains with us, and our local councils and state governments.
  • Looking at it from the People's point of view, all of the People are resident within 50 States united by our Constitution. Under our Constitution, The People of the US of A have the inherent power to peacefully replace a United States government that has grown dangerously out of control.
  • Once a corrupt, ineffective, unrepresentative, and threatening government fails to take action to restore dignity to our government and to earn public support, the People have a Ninth and Tenth Amendment right to declare our personal Rights of Liberty and to reserve our consent to be governed, as a peaceful censure of the existing government.
  • As a symbol of a free People individually residing within our own states represented by the stars, a gold stripe lovingly sewn across the stripes representing the states that first united under our Constitution, would proudly show that our flag represents all of us: The People of the US of A.
  • A declaration of personal Rights of Liberty serves as a First Amendment petition to our government for a redress of individual grievances. A national referendum on the Voter's Bill of Rights held in conjunction with the 2024 presidential elections would be restorative and transformative of the government of The People of the US of A.

An All American Liberty Flag

A Declaration of Personal Rights of Liberty and

Withdrawal of Consent to be Governed

On July 9, 1979, I filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all U.S. citizens, directly in the U.S. Supreme Court, alleging "There is a widely held belief, shared by many, that the Congress of the United States is in the 'grips of special interest groups' and is no longer responsive to the needs of individual citizens." I asked, "is it not time to allow the people a voice in the future of their nation and in the quality of life preserved for their children? . . . is it not true that the election of representatives is now more dependent upon massive expenditures of contributions from special interests groups than upon a vote by an informed electorate?" Without comment, the Court denied my petition for a writ of mandate requiring a national policy referendum as a remedy.

Nothing has improved politically in the 39 years since my filing, and today, the American People continue to suffer under a government that no longer represents them and their interests. Compelled, once again, to do something to force a change, I filed another pleading in the U.S. Supreme Court on February 28, 2018 in which I declared our personal Rights of Liberty against our government that has become corrupt, ineffective, unrepresentative, and threatening. I withdrew my consent to be governed—unless we are allowed to vote on the Voters' Bill of Rights during the November elections. The court clerk would not allow my pleading to be filed because it failed to conform to the Court's requirements.

I made the required changes, and I submitted the revised petition to the complaint analysts at the clerk's office for review. I was advised that, even though the pleading conformed to the Court's requirements, it could not be filed because—as a matter of policy—the Court would not allow any original jurisdiction matter to be filed by an individual.

On April 9, 2018, I sent a personal letter to each of the nine justices of the Supreme Court and attached a copy of the revised pleading as a First Amendment petition for redress of grievances. The petition concluded with these words, "The petitioner calls upon the assistance of this Honorable Court in this effort to defuse and resolve a dire threat to the survival of the United States of America. The thoughtful exercise of discretion by each individual Justice in deciding this matter is crucial—as not since Dred Scott (the slave) appeared before this Court has it faced such a moral and critical question. Are we a free People, or not?" wjc

Read Full Pleading

On February 1, 2021, I resubmitted my pleading individually to all nine members of the new Court, along with a copy of my Amicus brief to the Senate, and a print copy of The Choices of Mind: Extinction or Evolution?

In my personal letter to each, I wrote about the crisis of the Filibuster Rule that cripples the operation of the People’s Congress.

A Declaration of Personal Rights of Liberty
and Withdrawal of Consent to be Governed

On January 29, 2021, I submitted an amicus curia brief to the U.S. Senate on behalf of the American Women in the impeachment trial of President Trump.


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Written by the public interest lawyer who published the suppressed Dead Sea Scrolls and prosecuted The Holocaust Case, The Way of Righteousness draws upon ancient hidden documents and the latest archaeological discoveries, to reveal the amazingly true story about the historical Jesus and his brave band of brothers. Lost for almost 2,000 years, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnostic Gospels reveal the background and message of Jesus, his twin, Judas Thomas, James the Just, Simeon the Warrior Priest, and Joseph the Comforter, and their constant companion Mary Magdalene. They were the Messiahs, Priests, Warriors, and the Spirit of Wisdom of the Way of Righteousness, the spiritual and factual foundation of present monotheism.



Transforming America: A Voters' Bill of Rights is a handbook for a national nonpartisan movement by the People of the United States to transform their government into one that nurtures and cares for the society that elects it.

A copy of Transforming America has been delivered to the President, Vice President, every cabinet member, senator, congressional representative, and Supreme Court justice.


The Choices of Mind: Extinction or Evolution? is a handbook for human survival from the menacing dangers of global warming, casino economics, corrupt governments, endless wars, and intolerance that threaten near-term human extinction within the life times of those living today, as near as 50 years. The book is organized into crimes—“The Extinction Papers” (the bad news) and remedies—“The Evolution Papers (the good news).


The Information Trial takes place as the Webb Space Telescope exposes the evidence of an infinite, nonexpanding Universe of Light, evolving dynamically, as it electromagnetically spawns Mother Galaxies of Life and Mind in an eternal dark plasma—like our own ancient Milky Way galaxy and her 59 orphans—and No Big Bang.

The trial compares the information content of finger base-10 and ASCII numbers to hexadecimal Universal Numbers (1,2,3,U – 4,5,6,N – 7,8,9,S – C,X,W,10) in six areas: the geometric powers of two; prime numbers; fractional negative numbers; perfect numbers; the constant numbers of pi, phi, and e, and the calculus.

In every inquiry, base-10 and ASCII numbers were found to be inherently flawed for scientific purposes, and Universal Numbers offered alternative symbolism that is better suited for mathematical problem solving and research purposes, while demonstrating the ratios and quantification of numbers in their natural array.


The Work presents an alternative geometry and numbering system to measure the visible universe and everything within it, as we increase the distance of our observations using improved equipment such as the Hubble and Webb space telescopes. Universal Geometry is imagined as a flexible geometrical structure erected in the surrounding black cosmic, negative nothingness–expanding just beyond our powers of observation–with which to mathematically define every particle of the static, infinite universe of light and mind.


Powered by Universal Quantum Numbers, take a flight through our universe of light into the surrounding dark cosmos. Be amazed by the spectacular forms produced by UN geometry.



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Texas Brave was Written for the Uvalde, Texas School Shooting as a Public Policy Paper to Reduce Gun Violence.

As an alternative to another horrible mass slaughter of school children, let us imagine a more joyful future in which the People of Texas have more clearly defined their concept of bravery and their relationship with guns. “Texas Brave” says that while you have a right to responsibly own a firearm, you are also brave enough to go about your daily life without bearing the burden of its responsibility, leaving it safely secured at home, where it’s most needed. And, Brave Texans have an equal right to avoid the responsibility of holding surplus weapons by destroying them, symbolically, in a public place. Along with offering up thoughts and prayers to the spirits of the children who were brutally murdered by such weapons, these surrendered guns are welded with other ugly killing machines into magnificent artistic sculptures of tolerance and remembrance. The monuments become grim, rusting reminders of the intolerant gun violence once suffered by children.

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Despairing of Gun Violence

A vision: The young people of America unite in doing something practical—beyond demonstrating—to stop gun violence and to change the human society for which they are assuming responsibility.

In every community across the Nation, young people design and construct a monument dedicated to The Destruction of Violence in front of their local school, university quad, police station, courthouse, or statehouse. These symbols—united in action and purpose by artwork that reaches for the sky—are created by discarded and surrendered weapons of violence welded together into unique sculptures of peace. Each one grows over time, as it renders harmless the terrible devices which were manufactured for human destruction.

Across America, these Peace Sculptures remain there, over the Ages—anchored into the concrete, with rust, rather than blood, running toward the gutters—in the peaceful realms of the people and their public places.

Taking up but a little sidewalk or parkway—perhaps alongside a flagpole—the living art will symbolize, name, and mourn the lives of the real people who are wounded and killed by weapons of violence. These concrete and steel demonstrations of the power of peaceful assembly continually protest against gun violence. They will mark the day someone did more than send their hearts and prayers—the day our children showed us how to end gun violence in our society. ~wjc, 4/5/18

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As a Police Policy Maker, Prosecutor, and Public Interest Lawyer, This is What I Fear, and This is What We Can Do Together

There is a new contagion sweeping across America, more deadly than the COVID-19 virus released by our collapsing environment, and even more dangerous than the world-wide economic collapse triggered by the pandemic. The widening collapse has undermined our local and state governments, precipitated by their failure to protect peaceful First Amendment protests against racial discrimination and the lack of accountability for police violence allowed by corrupt governments. This new strain of plague is spread by burning and looting, as infected mobs destroy the structure and stability of our communities, eliminate the livelihoods of our working neighbors, and sever access to our own means of survival. The most critical stage will be the imposition of martial law by presidential decree, and the deployment of military and intelligence assets to defeat the righteous resistance of the People to corrupt government and loss of liberty.

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An Ode to My Father,

Samuel Hubert Cox

Who taught me to read─both books and the sky.

He taught me that

"Billy Jack,

you'll always get caught,

if you don't tell the truth,"

and he taught me to work hard.


Then he was gone.

I was ten years old,

and I was alone.


From then, til now, in the 67 years since,

I may not have always lived my life

as he would have wanted me to, or

always honored the truth as I should have, but

I have always tried to live my life

with the honor and dignity with which he lived his.


His Spirit of Honor was passed down through

a linage of Samuel Cox's,

going back through the history of this Nation

to its founding.


It is to all of my fathers in these lineages that

I, today dedicate myself,

in the exercise of my Rights of Liberty─

to do so with honor and courage:

Samuel Cox, DAR A205252,

who took his Oath of Allegiance in 1777, and

Solomon Cox, DAR027084,

who was shunned by his Quaker friends in 1776,

for his performance of patriotic service.

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Avoiding Another War in North Korea

During the Korean War, the United States dropped more bombs and napalm on North Korea than was used against the Japanese during World War II. The carpet bombing destroyed all of the cities and most of the villages in North Korea. More than 3,000,000 Korean civilians died in the war—most were in the North. Since the war ended with a cease fire in 1953, the North has been governed by the Kim family dictatorship, which uses the threat of American aggression to maintain its ironfisted physical and mind control of the North Korean people.

President Trump is now threatening another destructive war against the North Korean people and their society. He must not be allowed to do this—there is another way to deal with the problem. As a matter of policy, Trump can redirect his energy and efforts onto the person of Kim Jong-un, the country’s dictator, who not only threatens the safety of other nations, but who holds his own people in slavery. Why should the United States make war against a captive nation and its helpless people when there is a more effective solution?

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A Financial Toll Tax: Transform, Not Reform, The Tax System

I recently awoke from a rather pleasant dream in which members of Congress and the President embraced the unique proposition that they had been elected to serve the People of the United States. Congress had determined that healthcare was a matter of right (by simply reducing the age at which a person qualified for Medicare to birth) and that every child should have free access to a college education.

Having thus dedicated the fortunes of the Nation to the future of its children, the members of Congress—conservatives, liberals, and independents alike—collaborated on how to best pay for these commitments and to reform the income tax system. In their wisdom, they decided to transform the taxation system.

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The Adventures of Billy Jack

People interested in knowing more about me will profit most from a review of my work—which speaks for itself. The books and articles I've written, and my history, are generally available on the Internet.

The Adventures of Billy Jack - VIDEO NARRATION (6:42)

A True Story About the Coxes of Texas

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Professional Biography with References

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The Rehabilitation of Daphne Dangerfield (A self portrait of life in the Spring of 1977.)

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The Skinny House, the 10-foot house where I practiced law in the late '70s and early '80s, is featured in Ripley's Believe it or Not and the Guinness World Records.


Never Forget (A condensed film about The Holocaust Case in 1981.)

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On Halloween evening, 2011, more than 500 children and their families visited our gardens for a presentation of Alice in Wonderland.


The Philosophy of Mindkind

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Virtual Tour of Study (A self portrait in the Spring of 2018)

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A Study in Rhetoric

The Combined Video Narration of this Site


My Family


A Written History of the Cox-Oswalt Family


A Video About My Family


The Childhood of My Children (Filmed in 8mm, 1960-1967)

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My wife, Helen Werner Cox, is a truly gifted artist. This is her Master's show.


My Faithful Companions


Lobo was my patrol partner when I served on the El Cajon Police Department in the 60s.


A Memorial to Annie 2003-2015


My NEW Sidekick, Trusty Rusty, The Ranger Dog

(Imaged as a puppy, and now six years old, Rusty stands 22 inches at the shoulders and weights 55 pounds. Rusty ranges about me, controlled as best can be, a giant rat terrier bred with an African Basenji village dog.)


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